May 19, 2011

Cafe Scorpio

The Cafe Scorpio started life as a humble Yamaha 225, and after some care and grinding from the boys in the workshop it has taken on this new form. We've dropped it, chopped it, and with the help of some custom parts have created an octane-infused mug of fu...

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Tigers Milk II - Black is the new Black
Mar 15, 2011

Tigers Milk II - Black is the new Black

The first Tigers Milk exited the workshop not too long ago, and already a second generation is sitting proudly beside it. This new Tigers Milk...aptly dubbed the 'Tigers Milk II'...has answered the call for a black beauty, sporting almost everything in th...

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Mar 14, 2011

Tigers Milk II

Tigers Milk II - A Honda GL 200. The second generation in the Tigers Milk series of custom bikes from Deus Bali. Sporting a custom tank, seat, fenders, a K&N Air Filter, Ventura Handlebars, Icon Rear Shocks and bringing up the rear, a tail pipe Cheech a...

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Aug 01, 2010

Bali Dog II

This new generation 'Bali Dog' shares many of the same specs as its older brother, but has received an overall refinement worthy of its second-generation title. This beauty is sportin' A Yamaha 225cc engine, chrome scrambler bars, chrome/black Daytona speed...

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Mar 09, 2010

Bali Dog

The 'Bali Dog' is a distant cousin of Deus Australia Drover's Dog- all dick and ribs just like the barking mutt trotting around the temples at night. This Yamaha 225 is ticked out with all the bits including- Chrome Scrambler bars, Brown Gum Grips, Chrome...

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